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LINGTOM Water Shoes Men Women Sports Sneakers Lightweight Barefoot Quick Dry Shoes For Gym Running and Swimming Black 2ZkodN LINGTOM Water Shoes Men Women Sports Sneakers Lightweight Barefoot Quick Dry Shoes For Gym Running and Swimming Black 2ZkodN LINGTOM Water Shoes Men Women Sports Sneakers Lightweight Barefoot Quick Dry Shoes For Gym Running and Swimming Black 2ZkodN LINGTOM Water Shoes Men Women Sports Sneakers Lightweight Barefoot Quick Dry Shoes For Gym Running and Swimming Black 2ZkodN LINGTOM Water Shoes Men Women Sports Sneakers Lightweight Barefoot Quick Dry Shoes For Gym Running and Swimming Black 2ZkodN


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Correlate reveals the stories hidden in your data, and empowers developers with data science APIs.

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Data science and analytics in Software as a Service and Platform as a Service form. Use our apps or build your own using our APIs.

Understand the effectiveness of your media buys, across all platforms, using your data and metrics.


Understand the ROI of your digital media spend

Supports all social platforms, Google Analytics, and many third party data APIs

Predictive analysis of the effects of social spend on campaign outcomes

Understand email communication across your entire enterprise in realtime.


Analyze your email and create dynamic visualizations and reports

Text analysis and machine learning enrich your understanding of your company's correspondence

Integrates with exchange, IMAP, LDAP and most enterprise architectures

Don't allow the restrictions within your present enterprise infrastructure prevent you from solving problems. Contact us to inquire about custom solutions and to build your own app.

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Create domain specific dashboards and workflows

We work with you to understand and articulate your requirements

We build apps around your use case

We keep up with over 100 API and data source integrations so you don't have to.

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Our data scientists have years of experience modeling real world scenarios and analyzing complex data sets. We can help you find the solutions you need in your data.

Using your data we describe real world scenarios with mathematical models useful for event detection, prediction, sentiment analysis, and running simulations.

Correlate is backed by a Graph database that lets us run complex network analysis. For example, we use this feature to show you how the influencers in your networks are connected with you and each other.

Using a custom implementation of the LDA algorithm, we group together elements of your data set that are similar.

The platform can help you identify variables in your data in relation to other variables.

We use NLP to programmatically find meaning in the vast array of social and other language content.

With historical data we can model prior events and indicate when a similar event appears to be occurring.

As with event detection, with historical data we can model prior events. For prediction we probabilistically determine the likelihood of recurrence in specific scenarios or with current real world data.

Digitas was spending money on social media and needed to understand its effectiveness.

IB5k worked with Digitas and its media buyers to build metrics for success and identify KPIs to understand the effects of the social ad spend.

Correlate helped Digitas manage their social media spend and outreach.

The U.S. Congress was unable to process insurmountable numbers of constituent messages.

IB5k worked to create a solution. We built a platform to understand and analyze Congressional correspondence in real time.

Our team has years of experience working with diverse stakeholders and creating solutions for government and private industry. We also know how to have a good time.

Business Development

Obama '08 Campaign, award winning journalist at Current TV and ABC News. ABD PHD, European Graduate School.

Daniel Beckmann

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University of Washington
UW School of Medicine III Requirement

This page outlines the process for completing a Selective 1 (excluding Selective 1-MSRTP) or Selective 2 Independent Investigative Inquiry (III) project. Visit the Selective 1-MSRTP page for instructions about completing the Medical Student Research Training Program type of Selective 1.

Step One:Determine a Project and Find a Faculty Sponsor

Selective 1 : these data gathering or hypothesis-driven inquiry projects take the form of a basic laboratory study, a survey, secondary analysis of an existing data set, a chart review, a qualitative study, or a prospective clinical trial. The student has an independent role and makes an intellectual contribution to the project.

Research may be undertaken under a funded program such as Anna Vita7 Womens upper inlayed crystal decor PU ankle strap thong sandals Yellow 0eOvGTYq42
(Injury Research Internship Program), MSTAR (Medical Student Training in Aging Research), Developmental Disabilities , and other UWSOM-approved fellowships. Learn about Ellie 406DOLL Womens Sexy Comfortable 4 Heel Satin Pump With Velvet Bow White BNCOa

Selective 2 : students undertake a critical review of the literature (also called a Systematic Literature Review), posing an unresolved scientific question relevant to the practice of clinical medicine, and attempting to answer that question from evidence published in the medical literature. A critical review can take other forms as well, such as the analysis of an issue in health policy or biomedical ethics, or an historical investigation.

Students choosing a Selective 1 or 2 will work with a faculty sponsor. A regular or clinical faculty member in any healthcare-related department at any WWAMI university is eligible to be a sponsor.

Sponsor responsibilities include guiding the student throughout the process of her/his research project, including evaluating the plan, supplying a support statement, signing the proposal, and critiquing and approving the final product.

Faculty mentors must be:

Ideally, the faculty mentor will also be:

Feel free to ask your Foundations faculty or your College mentorfor suggestionsof colleagues who may be interested in serving as the sponsor for your III project. You might also want to consult departmental websites and faculty interest databases.

Step Two: Submit Your Proposal

You are required to submit a proposal that outlines the specifics of your research. If you are awarded a grant or fellowship, such as an INBRE or T-32 award, you must still submit a proposal prior to beginning your research.

Submit a completed III proposal for review and approval by the March 31st InterestPrint Womens Jogging Running Sneaker Lightweight Go Easy Walking Casual Comfort Running Shoes Day Of The Dead Traditional Holiday In Mexico Multi 1 nQMGC5G5jM
. Please note that the faculty sponsor section of the proposal requires your sponsor’ssignature. A notification will be sent to you when your proposal has been approved.

Step Three: Conduct Your Research!

For nine weeks over the summer between your first and second years, you will be in research mode. You’ll follow the tasks and methods that you outlined in your proposal. Hopefully, you’ve also structured your time to allow for a couple of weeks of rr at the end of summer before classes begin again!

Step Four: Poster Session, Final Paper, and Faculty Evaluation*

Students who matriculated in autumn 2017 (E-17s) completing a Selective 1 project are required to Sport Casual Man shoeBasket Ball ShoeSoft Comfy Stylish Sneaker Walking Gym Shoe Black nB5yfx7
at their regional Medical Student Poster Session held in autumn quarter of their second year. Selective 2 students are encouraged, but not required, to present a poster at the Poster Session.

E-17 Selective 2 students must write a final paper and obtain a faculty evaluation . Finalpapers and evaluations aredue in the middle of Marchof the second year. The student must be the sole author of the paper submitted for III credit, even if the student has collaborated with another student or faculty member. Students are free to revise their papers after submitting them if, for example, there are plans to present the paper for publication under joint authorship at a later date. Papers used to fulfill requirements for other courses will not be accepted.

Your sponsor must review and evaluate your final paperand then submit a faculty evaluation. Be sure to send your sponsor your paper withenough time for review before the submission deadline. Final papers and faculty evaluation forms are sent to the Johnny Ringo Womens Faux Snakeskin Printed Cowgirl Boot Square Toe Jr62806T Porcelain 4uOhCe1

* N OTE : E-16 students completing either a Selective 1 or a Selective 2 project must write a final paper and obtain a faculty evaluation by March 15, 2018 .

Questions? Please contact Curriculum .

if working with human subjects/vertebrate animals/patient data/tissue samples:

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Page Contents

This Page

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To create a downloadable product:

In the administration panel, go to Products → Products .

Products → Products

Click on a product name in the list or add a new product by clicking the + button.

Tick the Downloadable check box in the Extra section.



This check box appears when the Enable selling downloadable products option is activated in the Settings → General section.

Tick the Enable shipping for downloadable products checkbox if the product has a tangible component and it is required to display a shipping method.

Enable shipping for downloadable products

Tick the Time-unlimited download checkbox if you would like to make the product download always available after purchase.

Time-unlimited download


If the Time-unlimited download checkbox is ticked, the Download key TTL (for electronically distributed products), hours setting from Settings → General won’t affect the product.


The Download key TTL (for electronically distributed products), hours setting defines time in hours within which the customer can download the file(s) after the purchase. This period can be prolonged for a certain order on the order details page.

Click the Save or Create button.


Switch to the Files to sell tab.

Files to sell

While on this tab, click the Add file button. This will open a special form where you’ll be able to upload the necessary files.

Add file


If you need to upload several files and divide them in several groups, use the Add folder button to create folders first.


The uploaded files are stored in the directory of your CS-Cart installation.

Select one of the following variants in the Activation mode drop-down list:

Activation mode

Manually —allow a customer to download the file after the administrator has allowed it.



Administrators allow downloads on the order editing page ( Orders → View orders → [Click on the order ID] ) on the Downloads tab.

Immediately —allow a customer to download the file immediately after the order is placed.


After full payment —allow a customer to download the file after the order status changes to Processed or Completed .

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